10 Most Talked About Viral Videos – 17th March

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Old Spice WolfdogAnother week and another set of brilliant viral videos that has got lots of people talking. Rather than sifting through the billions of videos that people have uploaded, we share the ten best viral videos every week from the world of marketing and advertising. This week’s collection shows us how the animal kingdom would look if it only ate fast food, Old Spice’s new Chief Director of marketing and the one time paper is better than an iPad.

How The Animal Kingdom Would Look If It Ate Fast Food

With the likes of McDonalds and Burger King being held responsible for an obesity problem, thankfully the animal kingdom hasn’t been affected by this. But what would happen if animals ended up on a diet of fast food and tried going about their normal lives? This video answers that question in the funniest way possible.



Man Constructs Massive Magnifying Glass & Burns Stuff Using 2,000F Rays

Remember trying to see if you could burn something with a magnifying glass when you were a kid? Ever wonder what that would be like on a much bigger scale? If you did and think that burning stuff is cool, you’ll be interested in this. Grant Thompson put together a four foot magnifying lens and burns food, pennies, gasoline and glass bottles to see what the result is.



Air New Zealand Recruit Bear Grylls For Its Latest Safety Message

After the success of its Lord of the Rings themed safety message, Air New Zealand has recruited Bear Grylls for its latest safety message. It’s another fresh take on what are usually boring messages, but while it doesn’t entirely work as well as its last ad, it’s still an entertaining watch.



Meet Old Spice’s Newest Chief Director Of Marketing – A Wolfdog

Keeping a brand fresh and vibrant isn’t the easiest. If you don’t change your ideas, your audience will get bored and tire of your product and if you change things too much, you risk alienating those who liked your brand in the first place.
So what’s the solution? For Old Spice, it’s hiring a new Chief Director of Marketing who just happens to be a wolfdog. It follows the zany humour Old Spice has become famous for and by first impressions, this could be another hit for the brand.



NASCAR Driver Gives Unsuspecting Car Salesman The Test Drive Of His Life

Pepsi MAX teamed up with NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon to play a prank. Disguising him and sending him to a car dealership, an unsuspecting car salesman allows him to take a test drive. Of course, hilarity ensues when the salesman realises that this mild-mannered customer is a more competent (and crazy) driver than he suspected.



Carlsberg Sees How Far You’ll Go For Your Friend With Debt Test

It’s late at night and you’re fast asleep when all of a sudden you get a phone call. Your best friend has been playing a poker game and he’s €300 in debt, the only way he can leave if you pay it for him. Do you hang up or do you go to the roughest part of town and bail him out? That’s the premise for this Carlsberg campaign which sees just how far a friend would go for someone.



RC Airplane Gives Amazing First Person View Of Space

There have been numerous examples of people sending items into space and back, and to be honest, it’s almost impossible to get sick of seeing the Earth from space. These guys created a RC Airplane and send it into space by attaching it to a weather balloon.



Move Over Google Glass! Introducing Google Shoes, The World’s First Smartshoes

Google glass is so yesterday. Instead it’s shoes that are the new technology everyone wants and this parody video shows the world what it would be like if Google shoes existed. The answer is that not much will happen.



Australia Create The Six Best Jobs In The World For You To Apply To

Remember the “Best Job In The World” campaign back in 2009? After giving Ben Southall the chance of a lifetime, Australia’s tourism board is resurrecting the campaign again and getting Southall in to advertise it. This time there are six jobs on offer including Taste Master and Chief Funster, each with a title more catchy than the last.



Hilarious Ad Shows The One Time Where Paper Is Better Than An iPad

With the popularity of the iPad and tablets, almost everything we use to use paper for has been replaced by its digital counterpart. We put the emphasis on ‘almost everything’ as this hilarious ad shows the one thing that the iPad will never threaten.


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