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Social Listening

1. Listen to your customers’ comments and suggestions
2. Listen to stop issues before they escalate
3. Listen to find new customers
4. Listen to understand prospects’ challenges and pain points
5. Listen to determine what your competition is doing
6. Listen to find new markets
7. Listen for product development and market research insights
8. Track what people are saying about your brand
9. Create reports for your R&D department
10. Provide information to those seeking it

Social Content

1 Create content people trust
2 Create content people want to read and share
3 Create valuable content
4 Create actionable content
5 Be relevant with your content
6 Update content in real time
7 Participate in a meme
8 Use imagery
9 Share your content on social channels
10 Ask your audience to create content


    1 Reach out to make customers feel special
    2 Tell compelling stories
    3 Help customers before they ask for it
    4 Use multiple social channels to connect
    5 Ask your audience to engage and share
    6 Create a loyalty program
    7 Use a CRM system to keep track of customer engagement
    8 Engage across departments to solve internal challenges
    9 Use social data to determine your next steps
    10 Be authentic in the way your engage

      Social Ads

      1 Have a strong call to action
      2 Entice your audience to share your message
      3 Encourage peer-to-peer recommendations
      4 Promote well-performing content
      5 Gather information about potential customers
      6 Ask your audience to opt in to your message
      7 Encourage participation in contest and promotions
      8 Work to reduce cost-per-click
      9 Promote “likes”
      10 Modify content that isn’t working and try again


        1 Create measurement dashboards
        2 Measure shares
        3 Measure leads generated
        4 Measure sales data tied to social efforts
        5 Measure web analytics
        6 Measure SEO
        7 Measure ad conversions
        8 Create reports to share with internal teams
        9 Gain actionable insights
        10 Determine influencers

          Workflow and Automation

          1 Keep your data open and available internally
          2 Use workflow and automation to solve problems
          3 Use it to field customer service needs
          4 Use it for community management
          5 Involve customers and employees together
          6 Choose the right tools for your organization
          7 Save workflow time with automation
          8 Improve response time
          9 Combine metrics, engagement, content and customer data
          10 Gather research and insights

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